Wildflowers and Weeds: The poetry of Michael Ratcliffe

Fabulous work, as usual!

New Fourth and Sycamore

Photo by Michael Ratcilffe

By Michael Ratcliffe

Let Us Be Passersby

Let us be passersby
unrooted in time or place,
moving when and where we choose,
or not, if we so desire.

Let us act with spontaneity,
decisions made in the moment
without concern for what others may think,
or what our actions may imply.

Let us be fully aware
of all activity and inactivity,
all sounds and sensations,
and know what is outside us.

Let us sit in contemplation
listening only to the rise
and fall of our own breathing,
and know what is inside us.

Let us watch and listen
with passionate dispassion,
gather all we see and hear,
and hold onto nothing.

Michael Ratcliffe is a geographer, poet, and avid bicyclist. In addition to several poems published previously in Fourth & Sycamore, his work has appeared recently in Fredericksburg Literary and Arts Review, Peacock Journal Anthology, and…

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